Developing Leaders and Organizations for Breakthrough Results
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Client Testimonials

"Throughout this three year engagement with Doug my staff and I learned a great deal about our organization, its culture, and the leadership and management techniques for addressing our key challenges."

Wendell Knox
Abt Associates, Inc.

Facilitation, Speaking and Workshops

We have been designing and facilitating off-site meetings and workshops for management groups and teams for over 35 years and have done so in over 25 countries. We use a time-tested, collaborative and proven process that has consistently delivered successful meetings, seminars and workshops for small start-up companies such as and Politzer & Haney to mid-size organizations such as the Digital Operations & New technology Group at Sony Music, Ionics, Millipore Microelectronics and global organizations such as Gillette, State Street, HSBC and American Express. We collaborate with our clients to design off-site meetings and other types of programs and workshops that:

  • Clearly identify and track specific, desired outcomes
  • Engage key participants in the planning, preparation and follow-up process
  • Optimize involvement of the attendees and fully engage them through disciplined process, a clear agenda and world-class facilitation
  • Focus on clear action plans that specify roles, responsibilities and milestones, and define metrics and reporting frequencies
  • Use "RACI" charting techniques to identify who should be Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Infomed for each initiative or action item
  • Document the meeting's outcome
  • Establish follow-up mechanisms that keep initiatives on course

We have developed an international reputation for our keynote and conference speaking effectiveness and success. Doug has spoken at senior management meetings, off-sites and conferences for companies and professional organizations and associations in North America, Europe, Asia and South America. Over the past few years Doug has delivered keynotes and presentations at conferences and programs including The Investment Company Institute, Harvard Business School, INSEAD (France), The Manufacturing Roundtable, ASTD, NEHRA, Biotechnology Industry Organization, American Management Association, CEO Forum (Asia) and CIMA (Asia). In 2008 he delivered a presentation for The Conference Board on, "Leading Change in Asian Companies."