Developing Leaders and Organizations for Breakthrough Results
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Client Testimonials

"Doug is a superb coach and program presenter and was extremely effective in helping me change my leadership behavior as we worked our way through this major change process. I learned a great deal from him. "

Peter Hill
CEO, Oman Air
Former CEO, SriLankan Airlines

Building Management Teams

Doug Adams has been helping management teams measurably increase their effectiveness and achieve extraordinary results for more than 30 years. He began working with marketing and operating teams during his tenure at Pepsi Cola in the 1970's and continues to this day. While his most recent work in this area focuses primarily on senior management teams, he has also worked with teams of scientists at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, consultants at Balanced Scorecard Collaborative and software teams at Sun Microsystems. Doug's work with senior management teams for over two decades and includes work with the senior IT team at Fleet Financial, and senior management teams at Bayer, HSBC, Abt Associates, GoodHope Asia Holdings, and MAS Holdings.

How do you effectively build management teams in a short period of time? What's the best way to manage global teams and diverse, cross-functional teams? How can you take your team to the next level--in terms of effectiveness and innovativeness? These are the types of questions we help our clients answer. Building and managing teams for high performance forms the foundation of the work we do with teams all over the world.

Effective teams operate in ways that build shared commitment, collective skills, and smart work strategies. They become adept at detecting and correcting errors before serious damage is done, and at noticing and exploiting opportunities. And they periodically review how they have been operating and identify steps they can take to continuously improve their effectiveness.

Our work with management teams utilizes and builds on the research of:

J. Richard Hackman of the Harvard Business School from his book, Leading Teams: Setting the Stage for Great Performances

Jon Katzenbach and Doug Smith formerly of McKinsey & Co. who published their research on 50 management teams in 30 companies in the book, The Wisdom of Teams: Creating the High Performance Organization.

Senior Leadership Teams: What it Takes to Make Them Great by Ruth Wagemen, Debra Nunes, James Burruss and J. Richard Hackman

We use a number of empirically grounded models, techniques, tools and assessment instruments to help guide our work with teams. For example, Doug has designed the "Management Team Effectiveness Profile" which engages a team in assessing its own effectiveness and identifies the strengths that can be built on and exploited and the important factors that need improvement. In order to help teams understand team dynamics and behavior and to identify opportunities for improvement we typically use a model of team effectiveness that is adapted from the work of Katzenbach and Smith.